The girl got touched by the young man while dancing on DJ, then there was a ruckus, the bride and groom ran away before Jaimal

At the time of Jaimal in the procession, there was a lot of ruckus on DJ in Bilsanda of Pilibhit district. When the girl was touched during the dance, there was such an uproar that the procession became an arena of war. There was a lot of stone pelting. The bride and groom ran away. More than eight people were injured. Three people have been referred after with serious injuries. Police has registered a case.

On Monday, the boy party from Rarua village of Banda police station area of ​​Shahjahanpur arrived with a procession in the procession located on Gola Road in Bilsanda. The girl side from Jalalabad Devchara was already ready to welcome. After welcoming the baraatis, the horse ride took place. After dancing fiercely, the Baraati reached the Baratghar. After eating food, preparations for Jaimal were going on. The bride and groom were ready. Dance was going on on DJ. Meanwhile, a girl got touched by the boy from the other side during the dance on the DJ. This is where the ruckus started. The boy was first thrashed on the DJ.

The boy turned out to be from Bilsanda, he called the family members. In no time, the relatives reached by bike. Stone pelting started from both the sides. After which there was chaos. While saving the bride and groom safely, people called the police. By the time the police arrived, eight people had been injured in the stone pelting. Police admitted the injured Jeevendra, Ramsingh, Jitendra, Gayaprasad, Shyam Singh, Bhagwat Sahay, Tinku, Rampratap to Bilsanda CHC in the night itself. 3 people were referred.

Case registered for stone pelting, Balba

On the Tahrir of Gayaprasad of Bilsanda, who reached the police station in the morning, the police have registered a case against unknown people including Bhagwat Saran of Bisalpur, Omprakash of Rarua, Kanhailal under serious sections including Balba stone pelting. It is alleged that the son had gone to the wedding with friends, where the incident took place.

Abdullah crazy in foreign marriage

Police told that the boy who was beaten up after the whole ruckus did not even have an invitation to the wedding. Neither from the boy’s side nor from the girl’s side. His friend Bilsanda had come in the procession, so he also reached the lines of Abdullah crazy in a foreign marriage in Matargasti. Later, the family members who came to save him were also injured in the stone pelting.

Bilsanda SO Achal Kumar told, when the force went from the police station, the matter was pacified. Without a feast, on the behest of friends, created a ruckus in the procession. Stoned Report has been filed. Action will be taken by marking the troublemaker from CCTV.

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