The family was returning from marriage in the car, when the car stopped at the toll of Yamuna Expressway, the dead body of the young man was seen stuck behind.

A heart-wrenching incident took place on the Yamuna Expressway. After the youth was run over by a vehicle, his body got stuck under another car and dragged for 11 kms. When the car reached the toll, the dead body was seen trapped under the car. Seeing this there was a stir. Whoever saw this scene got goosebumps. On receiving the information, the Mant police station sent the dead body to the postmortem, took the car driver into custody and is questioning him. The deceased has been identified as a youth from Etawah on the basis of mobile.

On Monday night Yamuna Expressway was on duty at Mant Toll Plaza on Agra to Noida side with Security Supervisor Vijay Pal Guards. At around 3 am on Tuesday, the speed of the Swift car coming from Agra was reduced due to toll, so they stopped the car when they realized that there was someone under the vehicle.

His soul trembled when he peeped under the car. The body of a young man was trapped in the lower part of the car. On knowing this, there was a stir there. Outpost in-charge Tollplaza Rajat Dubey, who arrived on the information of the Security Supervisor, hurriedly removed the mutilated body of the youth trapped under the car and sent it to the post-mortem and took possession of the car.

On the information, station in-charge Inspector Mant Pradeep Kumar and CO Mant reached and interrogated the car driver. Returning towards Agra on the same route, the police found that the body was being dragged from near Mile Stone-106.

Accident victim at Milestone 106

After the incident, the police got involved in the investigation of the case. It is said that during the preliminary investigation, the police team found its shoes, clothes etc. lying near Mile Stone 106 of Jamunapar police station. It is feared that he met with an accident there and after that, he was dragged due to his clothes getting stuck in the Swift car going from Agra to Delhi.

It is also suspected that the car ran over him and from there he got stuck in the lower part of the car and dragged till the 11 kilometer toll. Right now it is also a matter of investigation whether he had died before getting trapped in the car, or it happened due to getting trapped in the car. At present, the police have informed the family members.

Car riders were returning from the wedding ceremony

The car in which the young man came dragging. The police interrogated the occupants of that car. During this, it was learned that all the family members in the car were returning after attending a function in Shamshabad Agra area. Car driver Virendra resident Dalipura, police station Bah told that his uncle Ramsaran, aunt Pushpa, sister Baby, brother-in-law Bhola and two children were in the car.

He told that his entire family lives in Sangam Vihar, Delhi and had gone to Agra to attend the marriage of his maternal uncle’s daughter. He told that he could not see anything on the road due to fog and mist, due to which the dead body got stuck in the car. At present the driver is being interrogated.

Identified by mobile, the youth was from Etawah

Taking the incident seriously, SSP Shailesh Kumar Pandey engaged the police team under the leadership of SP Dehat Trigun Bisen and CO Mant to identify the youth. Since morning, the police started identifying the young man. According to the police, the deceased has been identified on the basis of his mobile as Rizpal (25) s/o Moolchand, resident of village Ureng, police station Bakber, Etawah.

Courier used to drive the company’s vehicle

According to the police, based on the information received so far, the youth Rizpal used to drive a courier company’s vehicle in Delhi. Had left from there asking to come to the village. How he met with the accident on the expressway is a matter of investigation.

where did the police patrolling go

It is always claimed by the police that 24-hour patrolling is done on the Yamuna Expressway, so why did the patrolling team not see this scene at the time of the incident. The SSP said that the police team is engaged in getting information about the incident. CCTV footage on the expressway is being scrutinized so that the correct information about the incident with the young man can be known.

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