The daughter sanded the neck of the father sleeping on the cot, the family called the police by tying him to a tree

In UP’s Sambhal, a married daughter, who is said to be mentally weak, slit the neck of her father sleeping on a cot with a sharp weapon on Monday morning. The relatives took the seriously injured father to the district hospital. Where the doctor, seeing the serious condition of the villager, gave first aid and referred him to the Higher Center. Police has registered a case against the married woman.

Nempal, a resident of Keshopur Bhandi village in the police station area, was sleeping on Monday morning in the house by covering a sheet on the cot. Meanwhile, his married daughter Asha attacked her father with a sharp weapon on his neck. Hearing the screams of the villagers, the relatives came running. The family members were shocked to see Nempal bleeding. The relatives hurriedly took the injured villager to the district hospital. Where the doctor gave first aid and referred to the Higher Center. Station in-charge Jai Kumar said that on the basis of Tahrir of the injured Nempal, a case has been registered against the accused daughter Asha. The relatives of the injured are telling the married girl mentally.

People tied the girl’s hands and feet and tied her to a tree

After the incident, the family members tied the hands and feet of the girl and tied her to a tree. After getting the information, the police station reached the village. The police opened the hands and feet of the girl tied to the tree. A crowd of people gathered after the incident. The girl threatened the people that if they did not leave her house, she would pick up a brick and kill them. The women and children left the house after the woman threatened them.

Family members told that the girl is mentally ill. She was treated many times, but she did not recover completely. Twenty days ago, she had come to her maternal home from her in-laws’ house. Even the in-laws did not come to call her.

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