The bride suddenly reached the groom’s house even before the wedding procession, both had to get married, know the whole matter

A case of marriage in UP’s Deoria left not only the baratis but also the family members perplexed. Here the young man’s marriage was fixed with the girl. She threatens to come to the groom’s house even before the procession leaves. Seeing the bride in the house before marriage, even the family members of the boy were shocked. The family members of the girl also reached there from behind. There was a panchayat between the two sides for hours. Then both of them were married on the day of the wedding procession.

The marriage of a village resident of Rampur Karkhana police station area was fixed in Fazilnagar area of ​​Kushinagar. The procession was to go on 18 January. After the marriage was fixed, the bride and groom started talking to each other through mobile phones. The bride reached the groom’s house on January 14, 4 days before the wedding procession. As soon as the bridegroom reached the bride’s house without a wedding procession and marriage ceremony, the family members of the groom’s side were in a panic.

However, on the persuasion of the young man, he did not send the bride back. Both informed the family members of the bride’s side about the decision to take the wedding procession. On the night of January 17, both the turmeric and mehndi rituals were performed at the groom’s house. On January 18, before the procession left, the relatives of the bride’s side reached the boy’s house. The people of the bride’s side refused to come with the marriage procession, angry at keeping the girl in their house without Nikah. After this, after hours of panchayat between both the parties till late night, Nikah was performed at the groom’s house itself. After the marriage, the people of the bride’s side returned to Kushinagar.

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