Teacher brutality in UP, 13-year-old student held hostage

In UP’s Aligarh, a teacher embarrassed the relationship between Guru and Shishya. A 13-year-old girl student studying in the Inter College of Gangiri in the district was raped by a school teacher. The student was taken hostage in her house on Wednesday night. On being informed about the girl’s disappearance by the family members, the police, who ran overnight on the instructions of the SSP, succeeded in nabbing the accused in the early hours of Thursday and freed the girl from his clutches. Today there will be magistrate statement of the student. There will also be a medical test as well.

A 13-year-old girl from a village in the police station area is a seventh grade student in an inter college. When the student did not return to her home after the school was dismissed at 3 pm on Wednesday, the family members were worried. After searching till evening, he reached the police station after failing to recover. Gave the missing complaint of the student. The police started searching with the family members. The matter reached SSP Kalanidhi Naithani and SP Dehat Palash Bansal. Taking it seriously, he started searching for the girl student. Working on all angles and CCTVs were searched. The girl’s parents and other relatives were interrogated, who told that she did not return home after going to school in the morning.

The girl student’s recovery was searched by sending teams to the area’s hospital, bus stand, temple and public places. Tried to give information by giving information to CCR and DCR and other districts. The footage of CCTV cameras installed in the routes leading to the school of the girl child was obtained. It came to light that the girl student was abducted by her class teacher Nitendra Raghav s/o Ravindra Singh Raghav r/o Shankar Vihar Colony, Quarsi after alluring her and took her away in his car.

Girl student was kept hostage, cried bitterly on seeing the police

After confirming that the accused teacher Nitendra had been abducted, the police reached his house in Shankar Vihar in search of him. But, he could not find the house. His wife told that he had not come home from school. The police got information about the other house from the wife. Immediately the SP Dehat team reached the spot. When a search was conducted there, Nitendra was caught. The girl student was also recovered from her house. She was in a hostage situation. The police freed him. Police said that the accused teacher could have killed him as well. Police saved lives by reaching the spot. Seeing the police, the student started crying bitterly.

Three teams raced through the night

SSP Kalanidhi Naithani said that in view of the seriousness of the crime, three teams of Gangiri police station were formed under the supervision of CO Chharra. The first team started checking the CDR etc. after getting the details of mobile phones received from the spot and relatives. CCTV footage of the child’s arrival and departure routes were searched. Another team was deputed to arrest the accused. A third team consisting of male and female police was formed to recover the girl student, in which the kidnapper was safely recovered from the accused’s vacant house by using technical resources.

Regional people praised the police’s readiness to save their lives

The incident had become a topic of discussion in the surrounding area. Due to the action of the police, the police action was praised by creating a sense of security in the public. The SSP announced a reward of Rs 25,000 and a citation to the police team including the CO for successful disclosure in a time-bound manner.

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