Tandoor created ruckus: kick-punches and chairs fiercely in the marriage, the bride refused to marry, the procession returned

In Sambhal’s Hayatnagar police station area, after the completion of the wedding ceremony, the groom’s brother had a dispute with the bride’s family members over the tandoor while eating food. After abusing, there was kicking and punching and chairs on both sides. During this the groom’s brother got injured. After getting the information, the police of two police stations reached the spot and handled the situation. The relatives of the bride alleged that instead of Splendor, they demanded a bullet bike and dowry of five lakh rupees.

After a dispute, the bride refused to marry. The panchayat continued till afternoon on Wednesday but the bride did not agree and returned to her home with henna on her hands and makeup. Apart from the groom and his brother, the police took action against the bride’s brother and challaned them.

The marriage of Tanu Kumar, a resident of Mohalla Shahjipura of Sarayatrin in the police station area, was fixed with Aanchal, a resident of Dalpatpur in Moradabad district. On Tuesday late evening, the bride Aanchal reached Sambhal with family and relatives. The wedding ceremony was held in a garden near Hayatnagar powerhouse on Bahjoi Marg. It is being told that after the marriage ceremony, there was a quarrel between the people of the bride and groom’s side in the garden.

People from the bride’s side say that he had brought a splendor bike in dowry, while the people from the groom’s side demanded bullets. The people present on the spot resolved the matter. The horse ride was happening late at night. Meanwhile, when the people of the bride’s side came to eat food, Saurabh, the brother of the bridegroom Tanu, had a dispute with the bride’s brother Harsh over taking roti on the tandoor.

There was a fight between the two, then the people of the bride and groom’s side clashed with each other. There was a lot of kicking and throwing of chairs. The garden was also ransacked. After getting the information, Hayatnagar and Sadar Kotwali police reached the spot. The police took control of the situation and took the bride’s brother into custody along with the groom and his brother.

Bride’s side accused of not giving five lakhs and bullet

After the dispute between the people of the bride and groom’s side in the wedding ceremony, the panchayat continued on both sides throughout the day on Wednesday. The bride’s cousin Nitin said that he had brought a Splendor bike along with dowry items, but the groom and his family started demanding bullets and Rs five lakh. When the demand was not met, the groom’s brother reached the bride’s room and assaulted the bride’s brother Rahul sitting there.

Whereas the groom Tanu told that horse riding was happening. When the people of the bride’s side reached to eat food, there was a ruckus about taking roti on the tandoor. His brother Saurabh was assaulted. When he came to know, he also reached the spot. There was no issue regarding dowry.

Panchayat lasted all day, the bride refused to marry

Careful. The bride refused to marry after being assaulted by the bride’s brother. People from both sides kept celebrating the bride till late afternoon, but the bride was not ready to marry. The bride returned to her home with henna painted hands and makeup. The relatives took the dowry items back after filling them in the DCM.

While taking action against the bride’s brother besides the groom and his brother, the police challaned them. Police Station President Karmsingh Pal told that there was a fight on both sides, but no Tahrir was given. Apart from the groom Tanu and his brother Saurabh, he challaned the bride’s brother Harsh while taking action under section 151.

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