Taliban punishment in Lucknow: The accused of stealing reeds was tied to a pole, stripped half-naked and beaten with belts and kicks, video viral

The video of Taliban-like punishment in Lucknow is going viral. On the charge of stealing bars, the bullies caught a young man from behind by making him stand half-naked near a pillar in Ghantaghar Park, Thakurganj. After this he was brutally beaten with belt and kicks. The victim’s young man kept crying and saying not to steal. The crowd around also kept on watching as spectators. But no one even tried to save him. Meanwhile, somehow the victim freed himself and ran away from there. Even on this, Dabang ran and beat him again with the belt. Thakurganj police swung into action late on Tuesday night after the video went viral which embarrassed humanity. Out of which one of the accused has been arrested.

According to Inspector Harishankar Chand, the viral video is near Ghantaghar Park. Some people caught a young man and thrashed him with a belt on the charge of stealing reeds. An accused has been arrested on the basis of the viral video. At the same time, raids are being done in search of others.

The police did not even get a clue about the incident that happened just 100 meters from the outpost.

The goons caught the young man near a pillar on the roadside and thrashed him with his belt. He kept pleading for help. The Satkhanda outpost is only 100 meters away from the spot, but the police did not even get a clue. Police came to know about the incident after the video went viral

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