Swatantradev reached the office of Jal Nigam early in the morning, when no one showed any responsibility, he angrily locked the gate

Water Power Minister in the Yogi government Swatantradev Singh reached Gorakhpur’s Jal Nigam office early on Monday morning where no one showed up and locked the gate. There has been a stir among the officers and employees who were found missing in this surprise inspection. It is being told that the minister has summoned the answer from him.

Suresh Kumar, Executive Engineer of Jal Nigam, the office of the first project section is in Vilandpur, Gorakhpur. Around 10 am on Monday, Jal Shakti Minister Swatanterdev Singh reached there for a surprise inspection. When Swatanterdev reached there, it was time to open the office, but neither any responsible officer nor employee was found on the spot. It is being told that only a few Class IV employees were present around. Jal Shakti Minister Swatanterdev was very angry on this negligence of the officers and employees. He took the lock from one of the Class IV employees present there and put it on the gate. However, while leaving there, he gave the key to someone.

On the information of the surprise inspection of the Jal Shakti Minister, the officers and employees of Jal Nigam rushed to the spot. He opened the office with the key and started working. It is being told that the minister has given strict instructions to the departmental officers-employees to come to the office on time and be present. On being asked about this, Executive Engineer Suresh Kumar told that apart from Gorakhpur, he also has the charge of Santakbi Nagar. He told that Santak was returning from Birnagar.

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