Superstition: Innocent was seen alive in grandmother’s dream, the next day the dead body was dug out from the grave

A three-year-old child died on January 14 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. After which the relatives buried the child. Three days after this incident, the grandmother had a dream that the child was alive. Being trapped in superstition, dug the grave saying that the child is alive. Then took him to the hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead. Even after this, the relatives kept on insisting on treatment.

This case pertains to Saidpur Mahri village of Dubagga. Sunil Rawat’s three-year-old child Akshat’s health suddenly deteriorated last Saturday. On which the family took him to the private hospital. But the doctors declared him dead. After this his dead body was buried outside the village. On Monday night, Akshat’s grandmother had a dream that he was alive. He informed this to other family members.

On Tuesday evening at 4 o’clock the family members worshiped at the grave. Then digging the grave, took out the dead body of Akshat. According to Sunil, the child was cleaned. His body was hot. Poota recitation was done by taking the child in the lap. He was then taken to Balrampur Hospital. Where the doctors told that the child has died. In this case, ADCP West Chiranjeev Nath Sinha told that the dead body was dug out by the relatives on the possibility of being alive.

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