Stamp vendor kept cash in bag and started wearing shoe, thief made 10 lakh rupees disappear in the blink of an eye

A big incident took place openly on Wednesday in Agra Sadar Tehsil. A miscreant stole the stamp vendor’s bag. There were ten lakh rupees in the bag. On making noise, some people ran after the young man, but he escaped. There was an uproar in the tehsil and once again questions were raised about the security. On receiving the information, the police kept on searching for the vicious till late night. As of now no trace of him has been found.

The incident took place on Wednesday around 4 pm. Stamp vendor resident of Midhakur sits on the bed of advocate Intezaar Hussain near Pyau in Mushtaq tehsil. He told that he closed the lock in the box. The cash was kept in the bag. As soon as he bent down to put on his shoes, a young man picked up his bag. Some people also followed him. But the sly thief got out through the small gate near the Sulabh toilet. Some people went after him, but could not reach him.

On information, ACP Lohamandi Girish Kumar, Inspector Shahganj Samaresh Kumar reached the spot along with the force. Mushtaq told the police that the bag contained 18 bundles of Rs 500 each, one bundle of Rs 200. While he had brought around 35 thousand rupees from home. There were about 10 lakh rupees in the same bag.

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