Spoiled words of former SP MLA, said- Those who oppose the ban on burqa should be paraded naked

Former Samajwadi Party MLA Zameerullah has given a controversial statement on Thursday regarding the ban on burqa in a degree college in Moradabad. He said that those who ban burqa should be paraded naked. He also compared the burqa to a veil. Said that sisters and daughters wear long veil in the village, will that also be abolished.

Former MP Bijendra Singh, former MLA Zameerullah, Ajju Ishaq, SP District President Girish Yadav, Metropolitan President Abdul Hameed Ghosi had reached near SSP Kalanidhi Naithani in the case of nuisance on Monday night in Sarai Sultani of Sasni Gate area. After advocating for one side there, he addressed the media while returning from the police line. During that time, questioned the ban on burqa and the implementation of dress code in a degree college in Moradabad. On this, Zameerullah said that people who have banned burqa should be paraded naked on the road. Then they will know what it is to remain unmasked. The former MLA said that this is absolutely wrong.

If girls want to go wearing burqa then go. Burqa should not be banned. Our sisters and daughters wear hijab. Even today, women in the village wear long veils. It is the culture of Hindustan. Is the one who runs college in dress code new born today? At the same time, when he was told that walking naked is a crime, he replied that taking off the burqa is also a crime.

Recovery is being done by showing fear of arrest: Ajju

Ajju Ishaq, who contested on an SP ticket from Kol Assembly, said that the dispute between the two people was given a communal colour. The entire action was taken under the pressure of the ruling party. Some brokers and some policemen are extorting by showing fear of arrest. A complaint has been handed over to the SSP demanding that action be taken on the basis of evidence. At the time of the incident, those who were not present on the spot. Why their names have been included in the lawsuit etc. things were kept. At the same time, Metropolitan President Abdul Hameed Ghosi said that unilateral action is being taken in the matter. The SP is appealing to the people to maintain peace. Arrests should be made after investigation.

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