Shock to former BJP MP Harinarayan Rajbhar, punished for violation of Section-144, fined as well

BJP leader Harinarayan Rajbhar, MP from Mau’s Ghosi Lok Sabha seat, got a shock on Tuesday. In 2014, Harinarayan Rajbhar was convicted for violating section 144. Shweta Chowdhary, Special Magistrate of MP/MLA Court, found Harinarayan guilty and sentenced him to one month’s imprisonment and a fine of Rs.100. Along with this, the court has given bail to the former MP while giving him an opportunity to appeal against the decision.

Harinarayan Rajbhar, who was a BJP candidate during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, is said to have reached Shaheed Chowk in Gohna area of ​​Muhammadabad on March 20 with 43 four-wheelers. BJP’s banner and flag were hoisted on all the vehicles and their supporters were shouting slogans by blocking the road. Due to this, the common citizens had to face a lot of problems.

In this regard, a case was registered against former MP Harinarayan Rajbhar and others under sections 188 and 171G of the Indian Penal Code in 2014 at Muhammadabad police station. Suresh Kumar Singh, the then SHO of Muhammadabad Gohna, had registered a case against the former MP.

During the hearing, a total of 6 witnesses were examined by the Chief Prosecuting Officer in the court of the Special Magistrate. Shweta Chowdhary, Special Magistrate, MP/MLA Affairs, found the former MP guilty and sentenced him to one month’s imprisonment and a fine of Rs 100.

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