Shankhnaad of Mission 2024 from Ghazipur in UP, BJP President JP Nadda said – Mafiaraj comes by pressing the wrong button

BJP has stepped up its preparations for Mission 2024. BJP’s focus is on the seats it lost in 2019. Under this, BJP National President JP Nadda reached Ghazipur in UP on Friday. Without naming anyone, Nadda attacked mafia Mukhtar Ansari and his brother Afzal Ansari, MP from Ghazipur. Nadda said that mafia rule comes by pressing the wrong button in elections. Nadda said that when the right button is pressed, the medical college is found and with the wrong button, the mafia wins.

The BJP has faced defeat in Ghazipur in consecutive Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. Mafia Mukhtar Ansari’s brother Afzal Ansari defeated BJP’s Manoj Sinha from here in the last Lok Sabha elections. Nadda said that Ghazipur will also become a partner in the double engine government by saluting the mafia in the upcoming elections. CM Yogi also reached Ghazipur along with Nadda. Addressing the gathering, he said that BJP guarantees security to Ghazipur. Whatever happened in the last elections will not happen in the next elections. The government will not allow any shortcoming in the development of Ghazipur.

In the public meeting at ITI ground, JP Nadda thundered on the mafias and also told the winds of development in the country. JP Nadda said that India neither commits terrorism nor tolerates it. Everyone knows where the word terrorism came from. India has now come in third place in the auto-mobile industry. India has emerged as the fifth largest economy in the world.

Before the meeting in Ghazipur, Nadda reached Pavhari Baba Ashram with CM Yogi. Had darshan and worship here. After this, participated in Sainik Sammelan and dialogue program at Nand Residency. Talking to the ex-servicemen here, Nadda said that it is my good fortune that I have got the opportunity to visit the land where Paramveer Chakra winner Abdul Hameed ji belongs. He said that I take pride in the fact that the Indian Army is considered to be the most powerful army in the world. In any kind of crisis, Indian soldiers have put their lives in readiness and have protected us and the border.

Said that today India is changing from the point of view of army and border. Today is not the India you have seen before. Today the border of the country is not what it was before. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has protected the country by taking tough decisions. The biggest change that has happened in the Modi government is that our foreign policy today supports our defense forces. PM Modi has told the world that India neither supports any kind of terrorism nor will it tolerate it.

JP Nadda further said that there was no purchase in the government before the Modi government. Our military brothers kept lying in trouble, but no worries were raised. There was a scam in the purchase of submarines, helicopters, fighter jets and bulletproof jackets. But after the arrival of Prime Minister Modi, the army was equipped with special weapons.

The war memorial was pending for years and we did not stop the previous governments to build it, but they never took any step to build it. Today the world is remembering our heroes and on the initiative of PM Modi, a war memorial was built.

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