Shahjahanpur: MLC attacked in Tilak ceremony, tried to snatch weapon from gunner

Former Nahil chief Satyendra Mohan Bajpai had a dispute with MLC Dr. Sudhir Gupta, who had reached the Tilak ceremony in Shahjahanpur district, after which he attacked. An attempt was also made to snatch the weapon from the gunner who came in the middle. Later Puwayan Kotwal was also manhandled.

On Monday night there was a Tilak ceremony of Akash Pandey, son of Munish Pandey of Nahil village. Harisharanam Trivedi Atul Mishra along with Satyendra Mohan Bajpai and Sonu Bajpai, former head of Nahil and district panchayat members were present at the Tilak ceremony. Meanwhile, MLC Dr. Sudhir Gupta also reached. In the Tilak ceremony itself, MLC Dr. Sudhir Gupta started talking about the development works of former Pradhan Sonu Bajpai. Meanwhile, the MLC was attacked. On this, the gunner pushed the former chief Sonu Bajpai aside. On this, his companions Harisharanam Trivedi, Atul Mishra, who were present with the former Pradhan, got angry and both sides started abusing. Puvaya Kotwal, who reached the information, was also manhandled. After this, the police took former head Satyendra Mohan Bajpai alias Sonu Bajpai, Hari Sharanam Trivedi, Atul Mishra into custody. After this, both the sides continued to talk about the agreement till late night, but MLC Dr. Sudhir Gupta refused to compromise.

Kotwal Pradeep Kumar Rai told that a complaint of attack on MLC Dr. Sudhir Gupta was received, after which three including former Nahil chief Satyendra Mohan Bajpai have been detained, so far no complaint has been given to MLCT. On giving Tahrir, action will be taken by registering a case.
Allergy doctor Sudhir Gupta told that he had gone to the Tilak ceremony, suddenly 3 people along with Satyendra Mohan Bajpai, the former head of Nahil village, came and started abusing him, attacked him. Tried to snatch gunner’s weapon.

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