Sextoshern: The girl recovered one lakh from the constable, asked for two lakh more, you should also be careful with unknown video calls

If money is recovered by making obscene videos, cyber experts call it sextortion. Police line resident inspector has become a victim of sextortion. The thugs extorted more than Rs 1 lakh from him. Two lakh rupees more were being demanded. Troubled by the recovery, the inspector has filed a case in the police station Shahganj.

The victim sub-inspector has filed a case against unknown people in Shahganj police station. In the case, those numbers have been opened from which calls were coming to him. The inspector told the police that a video call was received on the evening of 20 December. He received it. In no time, a young woman appeared in front of him naked. He got scared. He immediately disconnected the call. The girl recorded this call.

After that he got a call from another number. The caller introduced himself as an IPS officer. Told him that a complaint has come. If you want to save, send 25 thousand rupees online. He got scared. He paid Rs 21500 to Paytm.

After that the calls started coming. On many occasions, the inspector sent one lakh rupees to the thugs online. A few days ago, the thugs told the sub-inspector over the phone that the girl had committed suicide. If you want to save yourself and save your job, then it will take two lakh rupees, otherwise the video will go viral. The police will arrest him.

many have become victims

This is not the first such incident in Tajnagari. Even before this many incidents have happened. Last year, more than 158 complaints had reached the cyber cell. No one wanted to file a case for fear of defamation. Just came to complain so that there is no problem in future. Many businessmen of Kamla Nagar were duped in this manner.

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