Secret patient donated blood 7 times in the hospital, everyone’s senses were blown away

The vigilance of the employees of the blood bank of Ayodhya District Hospital saved about 7 people from being infected with venereal diseases. According to the information received, a person resident of Lalkurti city got addicted to drugs. He became a donor and started selling his blood to get intoxicated. He took out his blood in the district hospital about seven times and sold it to the needy people. His blood group is said to be O positive. The employees of the blood bank were alerted when it came to the fore that secret disease was found in the blood donated by the employees of the blood bank. He informed this to the Chief Medical Superintendent.

The Chief Medical Superintendent immediately sent the blood donation sample to the lab for examination. Where it was found that the person who donated blood was a patient of Gupta disease. After this, the employees of the blood bank traced him on the basis of the records. On the instructions of the Chief Medical Superintendent, his treatment has been started in the district hospital. He has been completely banned from donating blood. The Chief Medical Superintendent told that due to the vigilance of the staff, his blood was destroyed every time and was not given to anyone, otherwise the person who was given his blood would also have become a patient of venereal disease.

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