Sarfaraz Khan revealed what chance he was waiting for in Ranji Trophy

Sarfaraz Khan revealed what chance he was waiting for in Ranji Trophy

Batsman Sarfaraz Khan, who scored a lot of runs in Ranji Trophy for Mumbai, says that I was waiting for the chance to play continuously in Ranji Trophy, so that I can show them who I am.

Right-handed batsman Sarfaraz Khan is not knocking on the door of Team India, but is trying to break it, because the door is not opening after knocking. Despite his strong performance in red ball cricket, he was not selected in the team. He is unhappy with this, but he has also expressed the fact that when he was called only white ball player. He has said that I was just waiting for the opportunity and when I got a chance in Mumbai, I showed everyone what I am.

Sarfaraz Khan answered this question in Geo Cinema’s show Akashvani that he was called only white ball player. In response, he said, “When I returned from the World Cup and played IPL for 1-2 years, some people said that Sarfaraz Khan is a white-ball player who will not be able to play against the red ball, and he is the only player who can play against the red ball.” Can bat with the white ball for the last 4 overs, but I knew I could do it and I’ve been working hard on it.”

He said about red ball cricket, “I was waiting for an opportunity where I can get 4-5 matches to play continuously in Ranji Trophy, so I will show them who I am. When that day came, I went to Mumbai. And my maiden century for Mumbai ended in a straight triple hundred. After that, I realized that things are not as difficult as people make them out to be. I too had a dream since childhood to have With the people of Mumbai raising my bat and helmet in my hand, the taste of that thing will never go away and I will never let it go.”

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Right-handed batsman Sarfaraz Khan also revealed what happened between AB de Villiers and him and how ABD praised him. Sarfaraz said, “It is better if we don’t talk about him. I have seen him practice very rarely, but I asked him once, why don’t you practice more?” He said when I was your age So I used to practice a lot and I didn’t have the talent you have now, so just keep playing.”

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