Roadways employees created ruckus in road safety workshop of RTO office

Roadways employees created a ruckus in the RTO office during the road safety workshop. Due to lack of arrangement for seating in the workshop, the roadways employees started vandalizing and fighting. Barely people were pacified by explaining. In which many people have also got injuries. On information, the Cantt Police and Bithri Police reached the spot. These days Road Safety Month is being organized, which will continue till February 2. Due to which, under the leadership of Transport Department, Traffic Police, programs regarding road safety are being organized regularly.

A road safety workshop was organized for the roadways employees at the RTO office on Friday. All the employees and leaders of the roadways had also reached that safety programme. But seeing the arrangement for sitting there, the roadways employees started ruckus. There was an uproar. Not only this, a fight also took place. In which many people got hurt.

The office was also ransacked. When people from outside were creating ruckus in the Road RTO office, the people who came there to get work caught hold of the roadways bus driver Krishna Kumar Tiwari and thrashed him. Office Meghwal was informed to the police. The police force of Cantt and Bithri police station was also called. RTO, Roadways officials reached. Barely people were pacified by explaining.

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