Roadways bus going from Kanpur to Delhi with 30 passengers became a ball of fire

A roadways bus going from Kanpur to Delhi caught fire due to a short circuit. This created a stir among the people riding in it. The driver sensibly stopped the bus just in time. In no time, the bus was burnt to ashes. The accident happened near Jasoda on GT Road ahead of Kannauj city. It is being told that suddenly smoke started rising from the engine of the bus going from Kanpur to Delhi. The driver stopped the bus as soon as the smoke came out. In no time, the fire took a gigantic form. There were 25 to 30 people in the bus during the accident. There was a stir in all. There was a rush to get off the bus. After a struggle, all the passengers got off the bus safely. By then, the flames in the bus had increased.

The bus was being driven by Bijendra, a resident of Derimachha in district Gotam Budh Nagar. He was accompanied by Indresh, a resident of Kuravli. The staff tried to extinguish the fire, but did not succeed. The fire brigade was also informed, but could not reach in time. Later the passengers of the bus were sent ahead of another bus.

Roadways officers arrived as soon as information was received

Roadways officials reached the spot after the incident. ARM Sudesh Nigam of Kannauj Depot told that as soon as the information was received, he along with the team reached the spot. There have been no casualties. He told that Hardoi RM has also left for the spot. The entire matter will be investigated on Tuesday. The cause of the accident will be ascertained.

Fire brigade did not reach, help taken from highway tanker

After the incident, there was a delay in the arrival of the fire brigade vehicle, then the police reached the spot and took help from the highway staff. The fire was extinguished with the help of a tanker standing there, but by then the bus was completely gutted.

Luv Kumar, Regional Manager of Kanpur Region, says that the burnt bus in Kannauj belongs to Khurja Depot. The bus was going back to Delhi from Kanpur. In time, all the passengers were taken off on the information about the fire in the bus. The driver and the driver are also safe.

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