Report sent to UP government on Banke Bihari Corridor, will be presented in High Court today

On the orders of the High Court, the district administration has sent the complete report of the action plan prepared for the Banke Bihari Temple Corridor of Vrindavan to the UP government. An eight-member committee was constituted under the leadership of Municipal Commissioner Anunay Jha on the instructions of District Magistrate Pulkit Khare for the action plan of the corridor with an area of ​​about 5 acres around the Bihariji temple. This report will be submitted to the High Court on January 17.

The High Court has sought from the district administration the detailed details of the development works to be done in the 5-acre area around the Bankebihari temple. For this, District Magistrate Pulkit Khare had constituted a committee. It is headed by Municipal Commissioner Anunay Jha, Secretary MVDA, Special Land Acquisition Officer, AIG Stamp, ADF Finance, XEN PWD, SDM Sadar and CO Sadar. This committee prepared a detailed description of the proposed works for the improvement of public facilities for the local residents as well as the pilgrims coming from outside in an area of ​​5 acres.

After this, an eight-member committee constituted by the DM evaluated an estimated 300 buildings and properties in an area of ​​5 acres. There are 140 commercial shops in this respective area, the remaining around 160 are residential buildings. There are also four temples in this area, those temples will be developed in their ancient form only. Along with this, there are three properties related to Bihariji. Apart from this, there are two government buildings. The report was prepared after an ongoing identification and evaluation for the last fortnight. No official was ready to speak anything about the report today. This report will be submitted to the High Court on January 17. Earlier on Monday evening, the district administration has sent its report to the government.

Bihariji Corridor will change the picture of the area

If the Bihariji Corridor is built, it will be very good for tourism. In the action plan prepared at the district level, work will be done on temple approach road, road widening, arrangement of shops, places to keep shoes and slippers, CCTV cameras, barriers etc. Apart from this, Bihariji Corridor will have different big gates. The circumambulation path will be ready, in which inscriptions will be placed. The glory of Braj will be described in these. Apart from this, facilities like Passenger Facilitation Center, Shopping Complex, Multipurpose Hall will be arranged. After the corridor, the adjustment of the crowd in the Bihariji temple will also be done in a better way and the untoward incidents happening in the coming days will be stopped.

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