Relationship embarrassed: 70-year-old mother did not give bullet, son got angry and killed her

A case of embarrassing relations has come to light in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. When a mother did not give money for the bullet to her son, she got angry and killed her 70-year-old demand. Police arrested him and disclosed the incident. The iron rod used in the incident has also been recovered at his instance.

This incident is of Khan market of Kohadapir. Farida Begum was a relative of IMC spokesperson Dr. Nafees. On the evening of January 17, he was killed by hitting him on the head with an iron rod at home. The report of this matter was written by his son Afsay alias Lucky the next day of the incident. Lucky lives with his family near Lalla Market. Lucky told the police that when he went to give food to his mother, she was found lying face down near the kitchen with blood splattered all around. In the post-mortem, the murder was revealed by hitting the head with a heavy object.

During the press conference on Monday, SP City Rahul Bhati and CO Shweta Yadav told that the incident was carried out by Farida’s son Afsay alias Lucky. Lucky was demanding him to get the bullet. When he refused to give the money, Lucky hit him on the head with an iron rod and killed him. Inspector Rajesh Singh, SI Kushalpal Singh, Saurabh Yadav etc. were included in the disclosure team.

50 minutes math revealed

It was revealed in the CCTV installed in the street that on the day of the incident, no one went to the house except Lucky. A person sitting in front of his house also confirmed this. At the same time, during the incident, Lucky got trapped due to not being able to explain the maths of 50 minutes to the police. Lucky told the police that he went to his mother at 4.30 pm and returned after staying for some time. When he reached with the food at 5.20 pm, Farida was found dead. According to the police, Lucky did not want to report the incident itself. On making a lot of pressure, he lodged the report. Because of this he was already under suspicion. When asked about his whereabouts between 4.30 pm and 5.20 pm on the day of the incident, he started misleading the police. Wherever he said to go, it was not confirmed. After this, when the police showed strictness, he accepted the whole incident.

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