Recovered 15 lakhs by giving two lakhs on interest, also got the shop and house written off

In Lucknow, a usurer couple recovered Rs 15 lakh within four years by paying Rs 2 lakh on interest. Not only this, he also got the shop and house of the victim in his name. Now got a loan on the same house. Now the loan installment is also being paid by the victim. By entering the house, they do obscene acts with women. Following the order of the court, Gudamba police is investigating by registering a case.

According to Suman Verma, a resident of Jankipuram Sector-H Paharpur in Gudamba, his son Manish Kumar Verma needed money for business. On March 19, 2019, Rs 2 lakh was taken on interest from Paharpur’s Satyam Verma and his wife Shraddha Verma. In return for which the accused couple recovered Rs 15 lakh. After this, Manish’s shop was also written for three lakh rupees. That money was also deducted in interest. Even after this the interest did not end. In lieu of interest, he also took jewelery worth about Rs 6 lakh. Manish has taken credit loans from relatives and several banks to pay the interest. According to Inspector Gudamba Alok Kumar Rai, investigation is being done by registering a case against Tahrir.

Forced to live on rent in his own house

According to Suman Verma, the house was in his name, on which there was a loan of Rs 511077. The accused couple, Satyam and Shraddha, fraudulently got the agreement done in their name by paying the loan of the house. After this, on the basis of the agreement, the deed of the house was also done. Now got the loan done on 812880 on the house. Whose installment is being filled by Manish every month. He is forced to live like a tenant in his own house. The accused come home and beat up the entire family. Threatens to kill and kick out of the house for not giving money every month.

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