Ramnagari Ayodhya will be included in the best nine cities of the country, these facilities will be available

Ayodhya is writing a new chapter of development. Soon Ayodhya will also be included in the nine cities of the country. The Union Urban and Housing Ministry is seriously considering it for inclusion in the Nine City Challenge scheme of the Central Government. This is the reason why the Executive Engineer of Housing Development Council, Ayodhya has been called to Delhi to take it forward. An important meeting on this subject will be held in the country’s capital on Friday.

The Green City Township of Ayodhya has been proposed by the state government for the Nine City Challenge scheme. The state government has proposed only this city from UP for this challenge. However, even before the proposal, the UP government has started work on the Green City Township scheme to be developed on 1450 acres of Housing Development Council. In this, more than 80 percent land has been acquired. Everything in this will be of international standard. All public facilities including roads, drainage-sewer, garbage collection and disposal, solar system-electricity will be of international standards. Now this scheme has been proposed to the Centre. This township, which is being developed just six kilometers away from Shri Ram Janmabhoomi on the Gorakhpur-Lucknow Highway, will now get wings as the process of joining the Nine City intensifies.

The eyes of the whole world on this township

The whole world is eyeing this township. In this, many countries of the world have proposed to open their guest houses. At the same time, land has been sought from almost all the states of the country to open their guest house and other cultural centers. The management of all the major temples of the country have asked for land to build their temples here. Tirupati Balaji and Padmanabhan temples are prominently included in this. The trust that runs the Tirupati Balaji temple has asked for five acres of land here. Five big hotel groups have also sought land to build hotels.

OP Pandey, Executive Engineer of Awas Vikas Parishad, Ayodhya, told that the UP government has proposed Ayodhya from the state to the central government for the Nine City Challenge. Going to Delhi to include our Green City Township Scheme in it. If the green signal is given in Friday’s meeting, Rs 1000 crore will be received for this scheme from the Central Government.

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