Protest against Mathura Banke Bihari Temple Corridor, 5 acres area, two storey corridor; Know how the corridor will be

Banke Bihari Corridor is being opposed in Mathura. Regarding this, MP Hema Malini held a meeting with the residents of Braj on Sunday. In this, the talks of the MP with the Brajvasis failed. In favor of the MP Corridor, the Brajvasi kept on giving their arguments against the Kunjgalis and the corridor allegedly destroying the ancient culture. By the way, according to the proposal of the corridor that has come forward, it will be two-storey and it will have three ways through which the temple can be easily reached. The entire corridor will be built in an area of ​​about five acres.

Member of Parliament Hema Malini says that keeping in view the image of this place for the thousands of devotees coming daily to visit Banke Bihari and the facilities, it is necessary to build a corridor. On the other hand, people are strongly opposing the corridor. The traders and local people who came out in protest say that this protest is to save the Kunj Galis which are being destroyed for the Banke Bihari Temple Corridor. However, if the map of the Banke Bihari Corridor that has come out is given a concrete shape, then this place will be completely accessible for the devotees coming from outside. Whether you come by four wheeler, two wheeler or even if you want to travel on foot, there will be no problem. Vehicle parking outside the corridor, then there will be a beautiful arrangement for walking tour inside the corridor. In view of the corridor, where parking will be ready at Sunrakh, suspension bridges will be built in front of Bankebihari temple and at Devraha Baba Ghat. These development works have been included in the proposed design of the Banke Bihari Temple Corridor.

On the instructions of the UP government, an ideal action plan is being prepared for the Banke Bihari Temple Corridor by adjusting the earlier proposed development works. Sunrakh parking will be ready in 26 thousand square meters, while parking places will be developed on the other side of Yamuna in front of Panigaon and Bankebihari temple. Where the devotees will be able to park their vehicles and go to the Banke Bihari temple for darshan. Along with this, suspension bridges will also be constructed in front of Banke Bihari Temple and at Deoraha Baba Ghat for pedestrian movement of devotees, so that devotees coming from Yamuna Expressway can park their vehicles on the other side of Yamuna without getting stuck in the jam of Vrindavan. Can and will be able to reach Banke Bihari temple on foot. Out of these, the suspension bridge in front of Bankebihari temple is coming in the corridor area and there will be another parking on its Yamunapar side. There will also be another Passenger Facilitation Center here.

One thousand vehicles will be able to stand in the parking lot

Sunrakh parking is being prepared in 26 thousand square meters for the devotees coming from the highway. It will have a covered area of ​​2600 sqm. About 1000 vehicles can be parked in this parking at a time. From here, devotees will be able to reach Banke Bihari temple by e-rickshaw or on foot.

Passenger facilities in 11 thousand sqm

Passenger facilities will be made available in about 11 thousand square meters from Banke Bihari Bridge parking to the corridor. It is not yet decided whether e-rickshaws will be plying till the corridor or not. There will be complete facilities of passenger resting places, drinking water, toilets, Wi-Fi internet etc.

Banke Bihari Bridge Parking in 37 thousand sqm

Banke Bihari Bridge parking will be prepared in 37 thousand square meters for the devotees coming from Yamuna Expressway. An area of ​​about 11 thousand square meters will be developed in this. About 1550 vehicles can be parked here at a time.

The corridor of the temple will be seen with tradition

The corridor of Shribankebihari temple will be grand and divine, which will include tradition and modernity. In this corridor, keeping the original form of the temple intact, an action plan is being prepared for the expansion of the outer area and the widening of the access routes, so that on the one hand where antiquity and tradition are discharged, on the other hand there is change and development as per the need of the time.

When UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath envisaged the corridor to improve the arrangements of the Banke Bihari temple, he had instructed the officials of Mathura that the project of the corridor should be such that the original form of the temple should not be changed at any cost. Go and don’t break any tradition. The Banke Bihari corridor has been designed on this instruction of the CM. In this, keeping the original form of the temple intact, the outer complex has to be expanded. Till now it is seen that there is no such system or place outside the temple, where devotees can be stopped. Due to this the devotees continue to move towards the temple. Where the police also put up barriers, there is a scuffle. But this will not happen in the corridor. In the new design, there will be a two-level area outside the Bankebihari temple, which will be open as well as covered. There will be a big fountain in the middle of this open complex outside the temple, around which there will be four gardens. In these gardens, people will be able to enjoy the shade in the afternoon, as well as the covered areas will also be made of red stones of the same style, from which most of the temples of Vrindavan are built. Similar walls and similar domes, then it would not be known that the newly developed area is different from the Bankebihari temple.

there will be no crowd

After the construction of the Banke Bihari corridor, there will definitely be a reduction in the rush of devotees to visit the temple. In fact, devotees can wait in the open premises outside the Banke Bihari temple even in case of closure of the temple, so that they can have darshan after the temple opens. Since the temple will also be in front, the devotees will not have to be in any kind of hurry, because the complete information about the closure or opening of the doors of the temple will also be in front of them.

Banke Bihari Corridor will be wooed by greenery

The Sribanke Bihari corridor will be covered with greenery as much as possible. Preference will be given to trees and plants of the Dwapar period species of Lord Krishna’s time in the corridor. These include trees and plants of Parijat, Kadamba, Banyan, Peepal etc., under whose shade the spiritual experience of the devotees will be intense. Gardens will be prepared at many places in the open premises outside the Bankebihari temple. Trees of Shrikrishna period species will be planted in the Banke Bihari corridor. Due to this, on one hand there will be environmental protection and on the other hand natural beautification will also be strengthened. Experts will also help in the conservation of these trees and plants. These include trees and plants of Parijat, Kadamba, Banyan, Peepal etc., which will be planted in the corridor area. Irrigation of these plants will be done in a planned manner. This will also strengthen the ancient image of Vrindavan.

There will be two waiting rooms in 5300 square meters and places for the care of Bal-Gopals.

After the completion of Banke Bihari Corridor, the devotees will not only get freedom from the problems of cable darshan, but will also get all other facilities. Two waiting rooms will be made in the corridor in 5300 square meters, in which passengers will be able to sit and rest. There will be a separate place for the care of infants.

According to the map that has been prepared for the Banke Bihari corridor, passengers will get all the facilities in the corridor. In the corridor, three routes have been decided to go towards Banke Bihari’s temple. Out of which the road coming from Yamuna side will be in 2100 square meter area. Coming from this route, the corridor will be developed in two parts. One will be the lower part and the other will be about 3.5 meters above it, on which a ramp will be made to go. Shoe store, luggage store, toilet and drinking water, child care, medical room, VIP room, electrical work and waiting room for pilgrims will be made in both the parts.

bottom part will be bigger

The lower part in the corridor will be bigger than the upper part. While the lower part will be of about five thousand square meters, the upper part will be of about 650 square meters.

there will be two hospitals

Two hospitals have been arranged in the map of the corridor. One hospital will be in the lower part, while the other will be in the upper part.

Pooja shops will be built in 800 square meters

Pooja shops will be made in an area of ​​about 800 square meters in the corridor. These shops will be built in the lower part of the corridor. From where the devotees will be able to buy the material of worship. It is worth mentioning that the shops which will be demolished to make the corridor, those shopkeepers will be made available here, so that there is no livelihood crisis in front of them. These shops will be of one size only. It has not yet been decided how many shops will be built here.

How much area will be the site (in square meters)

area bottom top
-open area 5113 650
-shoe house 250 200
-Parikrama – 900
-Goods Home 100 100
Cosmetics, drinking water 300 50
-baby care 30 30
-medical 90 80
-VIP Room 80 250
-Electrical work 100 100
– Worship material shop 800 –
Pilgrims Waiting Room 3500 1800
Corridor – 800

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