Protest against Banke Bihari Corridor intensifies, SLP filed in Supreme Court; The report will be presented in the High Court today

Opposition to the Yogi Adityanath government’s proposal to build a corridor around the famous Banke Bihari temple in Mathura on the lines of the Kashi Vishwanath temple corridor has intensified. Traders and local people are opposing the corridor saying that it will force them to move from their places, affecting their daily lives. Now in this matter SLP has been filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of Rajbhog Services. This information was given by the services in a press conference at Mohan Bagh on Monday evening.

Here Rajat Goswami told that the PIL has been filed in the High Court for a long time. Whose number is 1509-2022. In which there were seven implementations from Goswami class and devotees since September. Now SLP has been filed in the Supreme Court. This SLP has been fixed for hearing on January 23. Many orders were described in the basics from his side. In which Article 14 (provision of equality before law and equal protection of laws), Article 21 (right to personal liberty), Article 25 (freedom to profess, practice and propagate any religion), Article 26 (religious activities) Several orders under the Freedom of Management Act have been cited. In many cases, ex-parte decisions were given while the implementation was pending.

Similarly, since September 2022, his lawyers have been continuously saying in front of the High Court that the servants of Banke Bihari temple are the original party. Along with this, Sevayat Mool Vaadi is also there. There is a great need for their implementation. So that the right decision can be taken. The SLP in the Supreme Court and the PIL in the High Court are on behalf of Rajbhog Sewayat, filed in Om Goswami vs. State of Uttar Pradesh. He told that Brajesh Goswami, Balkishan Goswami, Devendra Goswami, Om Goswami etc. are fighting this battle on behalf of Rajbhog Services. Swaroopama Chaturvedi, Mridula Mehrotra, Utsav Saxena and Abhish Nair are the main advocates of the services.

The report will be presented in the High Court today
The district administration has sent the report of the Banke Bihari Temple Corridor Action Plan to the government. This report will be presented in the High Court on January 17. On the instructions of the DM, an eight-member committee headed by the city commissioner has prepared a report for the action plan of the corridor with an area of ​​about 5 acres around the temple.

The committee appraised an estimated 300 buildings and properties in the five-acre area. There are 140 shops in this respective area, the remaining around 160 are residential buildings. There are also four temples in the area. Those temples will be developed in their ancient form only. Also there are three properties related to Bihariji. There are two government buildings. The report was prepared after the identification and evaluation which has been going on for the last fortnight. No official was ready to speak anything about the report today. This report will be filed in the High Court on January 17. Earlier on Monday, the administration has sent the report to the government.

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