Private bank agent shot himself by writing I am loser, lost his life due to office stress

The recovery agent of a private bank in Lucknow lost his life due to office stress. He committed suicide by shooting himself with his father’s license gun late on Thursday night in Triveni Nagar, Aliganj. Hearing the sound of firing, the family reached the room. Seeing the son lying soaked in blood, the father took him to the trauma center. Where the doctors declared him dead. The recovery agent had also posted IM Loser… IM FINISHED status on WhatsApp before committing suicide. At the same time, the father has filed a case against the bank officer and employees in Aliganj Kotwali under the section of abetting the son to commit suicide.

Triveni Nagar III resident Jitendra Kumar Singh is a security guard in a private company located in Kapurthala. His son Ajay Singh (25) worked as a recovery agent at Kotak Mahindra Bank, Hazratganj Sapru Marg. Ajay returned home from duty on Thursday night. Had dinner with family. Then went to the room to sleep. Late in the night, the sound of gunfire was heard from the room.

Family members woke up to the sound of gunfire

According to security guard Jitendra Singh, he woke up to the sound of gunshots in the night. On reaching the room, I saw that my son was lying in a pool of blood. Saying this he burst into tears. He told that Ajay was upset for many days. When asked, he used to say that there is tension due to office work. Don’t you worry everything will be fine.

Jitendra said that he did not know that the tension in the office would reach such an extent that Ajay would commit suicide. The recovery agent’s father has accused the officer and employees of Kotak Mahindra Bank. He could not tell the name of those who tortured the son.

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