Preparation to stop stamp papers, only e-stamps will work, know the reason

Paper stamps will soon be discontinued. Where there was a fight for these stamps till a year and a half ago, today there is no one to ask for them. The government also wants that if the remaining stamp paper gets exhausted, only e-stamps should come into circulation. Right now 99.99 percent work is being done through e-stamp only.

Paper stamps worth Rs 150 crore are left in the collectorate treasury. These include stamps of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000, 20000 and 25000. Despite this, no one is going to ask them. E-stamp is easy to use, so paper is not being used. In this regard, Assistant Inspector General Registration SK Tripathi has issued a letter to all stamp vendors. In this too, instructions have been given to make maximum use of paper stamps. There are more than 350 stamp vendors in Lucknow. For the last two years, licenses are being issued only to e-stamp vendors. Recently licenses have been given to 47 more stamp vendors. Including the five tehsils of Lucknow, there are only 23 billion banamas annually.

Large paper stamps are becoming a headache

Where the work of e-stamp is done immediately, there is a mess in paper stamp. According to stamp vendors, it is a long process of depositing money, making a draft from the State Bank and then getting the challan certified from the treasury. That is why e-stamp is being used. Paper stamps are going out of circulation. Stamps worth Rs 5,000 are being used for heirs and other important works. No one is taking the big stamps.

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