Preparation for direct air service from UP to Mahakaleshwar, Indigo will fly from Varanasi

From UP, now Mahakaleshwar in MP can be reached by direct flight. New direct flight service is going to start from Varanasi to Indore. With the commencement of this airline, it will be easier to travel between the two Jyotirlingas, Kashi Vishwanath and Mahakaleshwar Dham in Ujjain.

Indigo Airlines is preparing to start direct flight service between Varanasi and Indore. In this regard, the officials of private airlines have completed the survey work regarding the operation of aircraft on the Varanasi to Indore air route. Soon Indigo Airlines aircraft can fly on this air route.

After the commencement of direct flight service, air passengers traveling between Varanasi and Indore will get a lot of relief. Currently there is no direct flight service between Varanasi and Indore. Due to this, passengers going from Varanasi to Indore have to resort to connecting aircraft. With the commencement of air service, a lot of time will be saved for those who visit both the Jyotirlingas.

With the commencement of direct flight service from Varanasi to Indore, the air passengers will save time as well as fare. Director Aryama Sanyal told that the flight will be operated according to the summer schedule.

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