Prayagraj Magh Mela: Special trains from today on Mauni Amavasya, vehicles banned in the fair area

Two special trains each will run from Purvanchal and Jhansi on Mauni Amavasya, the biggest bathing festival of Magh Mela. Northeast Railway will run two Mela special trains from Friday. One train will run from Gorakhpur and the other from Bhatni to Prayagraj. On January 20, the timetable has been issued for running two pairs of Magh Mela special passenger between Gorakhpur and Bhatni to Prayagraj Rambagh. 05115 Gorakhpur-Prayagraj Rambagh passenger special will leave Gorakhpur at 4:00 pm on January 20.

This train will reach Prayagraj Rambagh at 2 am on January 21 via Banaras via Chauri Chaura, Deoria, Bhatni, Salempur. Train number 05116 Prayagraj Rambagh Gorakhpur Passenger Special will depart from Prayagraj at 8 pm on January 21. This train will reach Gorakhpur at 5.10 am on January 22 via Banaras, Bhatni and Deoria via Jhunsi, India, Gyanpur Road, Madho Singh.

105113 Bhatni-Prayagraj Rambagh Passenger Special will depart Bhatni at 8.45 pm on 20 January. This train will reach Prayagraj Rambagh at 3.25 am via Banaras via Salempur, Belthara Road, Mau. 05114 Prayagraj Rambagh Bhatni Passenger Special will leave Rambagh at 9.20 am on 21 January. This train will reach Bhatni at 0330 hrs via Banaras and Mau via Jhunsi, India Khas, Gyanpur Road, Madho Singh.

Similarly, two special trains will run from Jhansi to Prayagraj on Friday. The first train train number 01891 left at 9.15 am and the second train 01893 will leave at 7 pm. Here the first train will reach Prayagraj Junction at 5.50 pm on January 20 and the second special at 4.40 am on January 21.

Sangam station will remain closed

Prayagraj Sangam railway station will remain closed on Mauni Amavasya, Saturday 21 January. Devotees will not get entry from here. However, the passengers who have already made reservation will be able to go by showing the ticket. There will be movement of trains here but devotees will be able to catch trains from Prayag station.

Entry of vehicles will be banned in the fair from tonight

Security arrangements have been made more stringent at Magh Mela on Mauni Amavasya, the biggest bathing festival. There will be maximum security arrangements at Sangam Nose. Commandos will be deployed here. Drones are preparing to monitor the entire area. Security has been further tightened along the waterways. Water police personnel will be deployed in the security of the ghats from the boat.

On Thursday, a meeting was held with policemen to control the crowd that gathered on Mauni Amavasya. In view of the safety and facilities of the bathers, there was a churn in the meeting of the police officers. About one thousand places in the Mela area are being monitored through CCTV cameras.

Entry of private vehicles will be stopped in the fair area from eight o’clock on Friday night. Devotees’ vehicles will be parked in the parking lot. Akshayavat will remain closed on Mauni Amavasya in terms of security. Devotees will not be allowed to go for darshan.

18 Ghats ready

18 ghats have been made ready for the fair. This time the traffic will be strictly followed on the way of entry and exit in the fair. People will enter through Kali Marg only and exit through Triveni Marg.

flowers will rain

On the instructions of the government, flowers will be showered on devotees on the biggest bathing festival of Magh Mela being organized in Prayagraj as a rehearsal of Kumbh. Government helicopter will come from Lucknow to Prayagraj. Three to four rounds of flower showers will be done.

Meladhikari Arvind Singh Chauhan told that all preparations have been completed for Mauni Amavasya. Flowers will be showered on the devotees. There will be three to four rounds of flower showers. It is our endeavor that all the devotees coming to Prayagraj take away a pleasant experience from here. The entire team is committed to make the fair safe.

One crore devotees will come

The arrival of more than one crore devotees is estimated for the biggest bathing festival of Magh Mela. Crowds have started coming to the fair two days before the Snan festival. Devotees kept coming to the fair for the whole day on Friday and then reached their relatives’ place for bath. By afternoon, there was a lot of crowd in the fair area.

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