PM fund Samman Nidhi money of 33 lakh farmers of UP stuck due to change of phone number

A little carelessness has put a brake on the PM Samman Nidhi of more than 33 lakh farmers of the state. Due to changing the phone number given while taking the fund, due to lack of e-KYC and Aadhaar link, his Samman Nidhi has been put on hold. The Agriculture Department is now engaged in the exercise of going from village to village and setting up camps.

2.41 crore farmers of Uttar Pradesh got the 11th installment of the scheme last year. In the 12th installment, this number reduced to 1.79 crore. Now the 13th installment of this scheme can come in the month of February. In such a situation, there are still more than 33 lakh farmers of UP, whose e-KYC has not been completed.

Maximum no EKYC of seven lakhs in Gorakhpur-Basti division

E-KYC of most farmers could not be done in Gorakhpur-Basti Mandal in UP. About seven lakh farmers are deprived of e-KYC in these two circles. 2.16 lakh farmers are deprived in Prayagraj and 2.16 lakh farmers in Lakhimpuri Kheri.

Now it is not active on the number link in Aadhaar

According to the officials of the Agriculture Department, the mobile numbers from the Aadhaar card are linked to the farmers. Lakhs of farmers all over UP changed those numbers. Took the numbers of other companies in their place. Now e-KYC of PM Samman Nidhi is not being done due to non-receipt of OTP due to entering Aadhaar number.

Now camps will be organized in every village

According to the Agriculture Department, camps will be organized in every village to conduct e-KYC of farmers, so that e-KYC of maximum number of farmers can be done. For this, it is necessary for the farmers to have the mobile number with which Aadhaar is linked. Same number should be entered in the same bank account.

Keep these things in mind for e-KYC:

Joint Agriculture Director Rakesh Babu told that farmers should visit their nearest public service center for e-KYC. There the center operator will fill the necessary information on the website of PM Samman Nidhi. Will link Aadhaar and bank account and enter mobile number. After which an OTP will come on the phone. The farmer will tell that OTP to the operator. After entering the OTP, the e-KYC will be considered complete.

Conditions for getting 13th installment:

Land records should be verified,
Farmer’s e-KYC should be completed on PM-Kisan portal
Farmer’s bank account should be linked to Aadhaar
Where, how many farmers did not have e-KYC:
Gorakhpur-Basti Mandal 07 lakh
In nine districts including Ballia, Ghazipur – 6.29 lakh
Moradabad circle – 1.75 lakh
Lakhimpur Kheri – 2.16 Lakh
Shahjahanpur – 1.23 lakh
Prayagraj – 2.16 lakh
Aligarh circle – 1.65 lakh
Bareilly – 90 thousand
Muzaffarnagar-88 thousand
Fatehpur – 84 thousand
Saharanpur – 81 thousand
Lucknow-79 thousand
Agra-73 thousand

According to Joint Agriculture Director Aligarh Mandal Rakesh Babu, due to lack of e-KYC, there is a brake on getting the 13th installment of the farmers. In the absence of e-KYC of the farmers, the biggest problem is not having Aadhaar linked mobile number. Farmers changed their mobile numbers due to the greed of talk time. Now the problem is coming to the fore.

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