People were surprised to see the bride 42 years younger than the 65-year-old groom, father of 6 married daughters

A marriage at Siddhapeeth Maa Kamakhya Dham in Ayodhya remained at the center of discussion. Here the groom was a 65-year-old father of six married daughters. And the bride was 42 years younger than him. Everyone was in awe of this mismatched couple tying the knot. People around the temple reached there to see this marriage. As soon as the news was received, the police also reached, but after seeing the consent of the bride and groom, they returned.

Nakkhed Yadav, 65, a resident of village Zameen Hussainabad Puri Chaudhary under police station Subeha of Barabanki district, has six daughters. Nakhed’s first wife has died. All the daughters of Nakkhed are also married. Many daughters have even grown up to have big children. On Sunday, Nakhed tied the knot with his future wife, 23-year-old Nandani, at the Kamakhya Dham temple, wearing garlands to each other as per Hindu rituals in the presence of Gharati and Barati, in the presence of Mother Goddess as a witness. Nakkhed, who was tied in marriage, told that after the death of his wife and his daughters going to his in-laws house, he was now feeling extremely lonely. For this reason, he had to decide to get married again. My daughters and the people of my wife’s maternal side are also completely agreeable to this marriage. Maa Kamakhya Dham Chowki in-charge Ashish Singh told that the marriage has been completed in a peaceful atmosphere with the consent of both the parties.

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