Patients will be admitted in KGMU’s lorry even if the bouncer wants it, there is uproar

The poor condition of the health department of Lari Cardiology Department of KGMU, Lucknow is not improving. Serious heart patients are facing difficulties in admission in emergency. Patient-attendants are facing bouncers before admission. Patients can be admitted in emergency only if the bouncer wants. Late on Monday night, there was a scuffle between the Timardar and the bouncer regarding the recruitment of the patient. The Timardars also created ruckus.

Kishan, a resident of Sitapur, was admitted to the civil hospital on Monday night. Doctors expressed the possibility of heart attack to the patient. The patient was advised to take Larry to Cardiology. The family members reached the lorry by taking the patient from the ambulance at around 12 o’clock in the night. Timardar started going to the emergency with the patient. The family members allege that the bouncer prevented the patient from being taken inside. From which line will patients go inside? Now make the patient sit under the tin shed. The attendants cited the patient’s condition as critical. But, the bouncer refused to listen to anything. According to Praveen, his condition is still very critical.

A scuffle started between Timardar and Bouncer regarding this matter. There are allegations that the bouncers and security personnel started misbehaving with the Timardars. Timardars shared the information of the whole matter on social media. The helpless attendants tried to inform the police. But there was no hearing. The patient kept suffering outside for about half an hour. The patient kept suffering outside for about half an hour. After this he was allowed to go inside the emergency. KGMU spokesperson Dr. Sudhir says that bouncers and security personnel have been deployed to prevent incidents of sabotage. No information about indecency has been received from the patient.

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