Patients doing 5 rounds of lorry for heart checkup, condition of Lucknow’s lorry

In Lucknow’s KGMU’s Lari Cardiology, the lives of heart patients are being played with at every step. Serious patients admitted in another department of KGMU are being run two to five times for examination. Doctor-technicians are returning patients by making excuses. The problem of mismanagement is that patients have to wait for two to three hours for tests like echo. The cylinders of patients being brought on oxygen support are running out. In such a situation, the attendants are forced to bring a separate oxygen cylinder to save the life of the patient.

test after five runs

Ghazipur resident Ambrish Dayal’s health deteriorated. The family members reached the trauma center on Wednesday with the patient. The doctors immediately admitted the patient. Started treatment. After his health was stable, the patient was shifted to Gandhi ward. The patient had trouble breathing. So the doctors advised to get an echo test done. For this, Bhaja Anoop Sinha reached Lari with the patient. Here it was said that the investigation will be done after two hours. There are patients on oxygen support. So the family members took the patient back to Gandhi ward. Anoop says that three times on Tuesday the patient was brought with a lorry. Investigation not done. Brought the patient on Wednesday morning. But the investigation did not happen.

Oxygen ran out waiting for investigation

The family members brought the patient again after 12 o’clock. Waiting for investigation, the oxygen cylinder ran out. The family members had kept a second oxygen cylinder as a precautionary measure. The one who planted About an hour later the investigation took place. After that the patient and his family members heaved a sigh of relief.

Ran 3 times then the investigation was done

Azamgarh resident Mohd. Raza had trouble breathing. The family members took the patient to the trauma center. Recruited there. After his condition was stable, the patient was shifted to Gandhi ward. The doctors advised the patient to undergo another test including Echo. Brother Aftab told that brother Mohd. Raza is undergoing treatment in the Gandhi ward. He is on oxygen support. Lorry was brought three times for second investigation including echo. Then the tests could be done.

Investigation did not start till two o’clock

The condition of mismanagement in Larry Cardiology is that other investigations including TMT are starting on time. The investigation did not begin till two o’clock. Patients were queuing up for check-up. Whereas there is a rule to start the treatment from 9 am. Patients and attendants are constantly complaining. Despite this, the officers are sitting on their hands. He is not being heard anywhere. Patients were waiting for tests outside the lab.

Hungry waiting for investigation

Sandeep Verma was waiting outside the TMT lab at 9 am with his elderly mother Ram Dulari. Mal resident Ram Anuj Verma and Buddheshwar resident Tirth Yadav were also sitting since morning for investigation. The patient-attendant told that this test is done on an empty stomach. That’s why the patients used to wait till 2 o’clock for the examination hungry and thirsty.

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