Passenger trains can run as MEMUs in election year, speed will increase in Moradabad division

In the election year, passenger trains can be run as MEMUs in the railways. By expanding the trains, there will be easy connectivity from one city to another. Passenger’s journey will be fixed soon by MEMU train. MEMU trains will be run on all short routes. With this, the common daily and employment related people will be able to reach the nearby cities quickly.

There is also a plan to run Vande Metro along with Vande Bharat in the Rail Budget. But before Vande Metro, the plan to run passenger trains by making MEMUs in the railways has started taking shape. Due to the fog, the operation of passenger trains including Mail-Express is currently closed. Till the end of February, the wheels of all trains have stopped due to fog. But like Vande Metro, for easy connectivity from one city to another, railways will now give a new extension to passenger trains as well. The advantage of this will be that daily and business people can easily reach from one place to another through MEMU.

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Experts say that before connectivity, the railways will give a new extension to the passenger trains operated. That is, there is a proposal to run the passenger train running between Roja to Bareilly till Moradabad. Similarly, brainstorming is going on to run Balamau-Sitapur Passenger to Kanpur, Balamau-Kanpur to Sitapur City and Balamau-Kanpur to Shajahanpur. After the extension of trains, MEMU will cover a distance of 150 to 150 km from one side.

In fact, by making the passenger running MEMU with detail, one city to another will be easily connected. According to Senior DCM Sudhir Singh, all steps are being taken for passenger convenience. Along with the operation of passenger trains, a proposal has been made to provide convenience to the passengers by expanding them. It will be sent to the headquarters for approval.

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