Panchayat bowed down to the woman’s insistence, in-laws handed over her daughter-in-law to her lover

Although many stories of love affair must have been heard, but the case which has come up this time in UP’s Kannauj is different from all. The husband turned out to be an alcoholic and a gambler. Meanwhile, the woman fell in love with a young man. Both ran away from the house. The police caught both of them from Agra. The woman wanted to be with her lover. The family members explained to the woman but she did not budge. Even in the Panchayat, the woman remained adamant on going with her lover. No one could go ahead of the stubbornness of the woman. After this the in-laws themselves handed over the daughter-in-law to her lover.

The case pertains to a village in Sakrava Chowki area. A woman living here had a tussle with her boyfriend from the village itself on Wednesday, due to which there was tension between the two sides in the village. After a lot of effort, both were recovered from near Agra on Friday. On reaching the village, the woman was adamant on staying with her lover. Even after much persuasion, the woman was not ready to go with her husband.

On Sunday, the in-laws handed over the woman to her lover. The victim woman alleges that the husband is an alcoholic and a gambling addict. He used to torture her by beating her when she protested. Regarding this, once she had even tried to end her life by going on the expressway. Then the lover who reached the spot had saved her by assuring her to be with him. The woman says that her life is safe only with her lover.

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