One woman, two husbands…, Maharajganj police sweated to solve the case, this is how the dispute was resolved

When a dispute between two husbands of a woman reached the police station in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh, the police were also surprised. The entire police station got confused in solving the case. Both the youths were calling the woman their wife. There was a deadlock in the triangular relationship and dispute for three months. Kotwal cleared the misunderstandings after separate talks with all the three parties. The first husband agreed to divorce on the basis of mutual settlement.

A young man from Ghugli area had a love marriage. There are also two children. Meanwhile, the third youth entered into the relationship between the two. The second youth is a clerk in a government department. The matter reached the threshold of divorce. The first husband and wife have also taken legal action against each other. The first husband took both the children in his custody. The woman married another young man. The first husband gave a complaint letter to the woman’s second husband accusing him of raping her. Action is going on in the case.

The matter reached the police station on Saturday. The woman and both her husbands also came along. After the round of talks started, the wife and the first husband agreed for divorce on the basis of mutual consent. Earlier, the husband had a suspicion that the wife would ask for a share in the property. Can claim on children too. The woman told that she does not want any share of her first husband’s property. She will not even keep the children with her. After the situation became clear, the dispute reached closer to resolution. The second husband talked about keeping his wife together. On Monday, the first husband and wife will apply for divorce on the basis of mutual consent.

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