On the pretext of job and partnership in the school, the manager extorted 20 lakhs, threatened, filed a case

The manager of Lucknow Public International School, Barabanki, extorted Rs 20 lakh on the pretext of job and partnership in the school. Even after giving the money, the accused is threatening to demand the money back for not getting the job. The Gomtinagar police have registered a case on Tahrir.

According to Virendra Kumar Singh, a resident of Viramkhand, Gomtinagar, he had met Shraddhanand Chowdhary, a resident of Lawrence Terrace Colony, Hazratganj, who is the manager of the Lucknow Public Inter National School. Shraddhanand Chowdhary told him that the post of Vice Principal was vacant in his school. If he gives 20 lakh rupees, then he will get a job on the post of Vice Principal and will make a partner of 10 percent in the management trust of the school. Coming to terms, he sent Rs 20 lakh to the account given by the fraudster. Assured to get job within three months of getting Rs. Even after giving the money, the daughter got a job, neither was she made a partner in the trust.

After not getting the job after the stipulated time, he started procrastinating in the name of returning the money. Sometime back fraudster Shraddhanand sent a notice saying that this money was donated to the school. All the money has been returned in instalments. While he has not received a single rupee. According to Inspector Gomtinagar Dinesh Chandra Mishra, a case has been registered against the accused Shraddhanand on Tahrir.

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