On being caught stealing, the young man was tied to a pole and beaten, the villagers were heartbroken after hearing the compulsion, bid farewell by giving thousands of rupees

A strange case has come to light in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh. The watchman caught a young man stealing an iron angle on the Pilibhit bypass. The mob tied the accused to a pole and started thrashing him. Crying in front of the people, when the young man told about his helplessness. The people who beat him took pity on him and collected a donation and gave him a few rupees and left him. The photo of the beating of the young man went viral on social media.

According to the people, the matter is being told a few steps away from the satellite police post. There is an incident near the petrol pump. Where construction work was going on near a clinic. Those iron angles were lying there, then the thief saw the opportunity and started taking an angle. But the watchman present there caught him. When there was commotion, the people around also reached. They tied the thief to a pole and started beating him. On this the thief told that his wife and children were ill. That’s why he was stealing iron. So that they can be treated.

On the claim of the youth accused of theft, the hands of the mob beating him stopped. People collected donations and gave some money to the thief and left him. According to some people present there, the young man was released after his claim was confirmed. Police told that they were not informed about this. At the same time, by the end of the night, the video and photo of taking the thief hostage went viral on social media.

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