Now the accident in Kanpur: while playing cricket, a young man had a heart attack, died

A young man from Dabauli in Kanpur suffered a heart attack while playing cricket on Saturday. In a hurry, the companions took him to cardiology, where the doctors declared him dead. Earlier on January 11, a youth who had attended a birthday party in Hathras had died in a similar manner. In Banaras, the young man involved in the procession also lost his life while dancing. There is panic among the people due to the increase in such accidents.

It is said that Bhanu Shukla (32), a resident of Dabauli, used to work in a finance company. Aarti, a resident of Bhoganipur, was married five years ago. They have three-year-old twin children, Advik and Aadhya. Apart from his wife and children, he is survived by father Santosh Shukla, retired from BIC, and mother Namrita. Uncle newspaper distributor Rajesh Shukla’s family also lives together.

Rajesh said that Bhanu had gone to play cricket with his company colleagues at Rashtriya Inter College ground in Kidwainagar at around 12 am on Saturday. At around two o’clock, a friend called and informed at home that Bhanu had suffered a heart attack and was being taken to cardiology. When the family reached there in a hurry, the doctors of cardiology gave the answer. After this, he was taken to Regency Hospital in Sarvodaya Nagar where doctors declared him brought dead. Mother Namrita and wife Aarti fainted on hearing about Bhanu’s death. The last rites were performed at Bhairoghat in the evening.

Children were enrolled in school

Bhanu was fond of playing cricket. Often used to play cricket with friends. Had planned cricket with friends from finance company on Saturday. When Bhanu’s dead body reached home, the cries of the wife brought tears to the people. Wife Aarti told that only yesterday Bhanu had enrolled the twins in a school located in Govind Nagar.

Mathura’s youth died in his in-laws’ house in Hathras

Rajkumar Katia, 35, had come from Mathura to his in-laws’ village Mendu in Hathras on Wednesday. Had to attend the birthday party of brother-in-law’s daughter here. Rajkumar was going to urinate on Thursday morning. During this, suddenly there was pain in his chest and he fell down unconscious.

The relatives brought him to the district hospital for immediate treatment. Where the doctor declared dead. According to the family members, death occurred due to cardiac arrest due to chest pain. Doctor JK Malhotra says that the youth had come to the district hospital in a dead state.

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