Non-Muslim children will not be expelled from madrassas in UP, recommendation rejected

The Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Education Board has decided that non-Muslim children will not be expelled from madrasas. It has rejected the recommendation of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights, in which the commission had given instructions to remove non-Muslim children from madrassas and make arrangements for their education in other educational institutions.

‘Hindustan’ had published a news about this on January 7 last. After this, the UP Madarsa Education Board took cognizance of this letter of the commission and rejected this recommendation of the commission in its meeting on Wednesday. The board meeting was held on Wednesday under the chairmanship of Dr. Iftikhar Javed. He told that in the meeting there was discussion on teaching the children of madrasas from NCERT books only. Apart from this, children up to the age of five are not getting the dress. Instructions were given that these children should be provided with dresses.

Along with this, it was also decided to send a proposal to the government to make necessary amendments in the Madrasa Service Rules. The chairman said that the Madrasa Board had received the letter from the Child Rights Protection Commission through the state government, which was considered.

It was decided that completely rejecting the Commission’s instruction that non-Muslim children should be removed from madrassas and arranged for their studies elsewhere, it was decided that the UP Madrassa Education Board would not take any such action.

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