Night flight will be closed for six months from this international airport of UP, know the reason

The runway of Chaudhary Charan Singh Airport Lucknow will remain closed from 9:30 am to 6:00 am in the night for six months. During this time, the uprooted layer will be repaired at the end of runway 09-27 at the airport. The airport administration has taken this decision after the news published in your own newspaper Hindustan regarding the runway. The airport administration has decided to keep the runway closed for a few hours daily for repairs. This work will start from 23rd February and will continue till 11th July. Flight operations from the runway will remain closed from 9:30 pm to 6:00 am daily.

A notice to airman (NOTAM) has been issued in this regard by the airport administration. During this, the uprooted layer of the runway turning pad will be repaired. There will be other works related to runway repair. This information is publicly shared with the DGCA to all airlines. The DGCA had warned Lucknow airport twice that the layer on one end of the runway ie the turning pad had been uprooted. This is the point from where the engine powers the aircraft to turn around and take off on the runway. In such a situation, there is tremendous pressure on that part of the runway i.e. the turning pad. The uprooting of the layer here became a danger to the planes.

When the engine draws air rapidly to lift the aircraft, heavy objects can also be pulled rapidly in that direction. In such a situation, there is a danger of light ballasts bouncing and going into the engine. If even a single ballast goes into the engine, the engine of the aircraft taking off from the runway may catch fire. That is why DGCA took a tough stand. According to DGCA, the first notice was given in the month of August last year, yet it was not taken care of.

12 to 17 flights will be affected daily

Due to the closure of the airport at night, 12 to 17 flights will be affected daily. These also include international air services. Air Asia has two flights between Delhi and Lucknow after 9.30 pm, Indigo has two flights on this route. Apart from this, Alliance Air has flights on this route. Indigo’s flights to Bangalore and Kolkata are also after 9.30 pm. Bangkok Lucknow Thai Air Asia flight is also included. Indigo has Hyderabad Lucknow, Indigo’s Mumbai Lucknow and Pune Lucknow flights after 12 midnight. Apart from this, GoFirst has Mumbai Lucknow flight. International flights include one flight each by Salam Air and Oman Air between Muscat and Lucknow.

There will also be no emergency landing-diversion

During the repair work, emergency landing will not be possible at Amausi airport from night till morning. Apart from this, due to bad weather, fog or any other reason, the aircraft will not be able to come from any nearby airport.

DGCA officials are checking the runway daily

DGCA officials have been conducting inspections four times a day since the runway ends were uprooted. Under the leadership of DGCA Assistant Director Satyendra Verma, the team is taking special vigilance regarding security. The Assistant Director himself is checking daily with his team. Along with this, the airport administration has been suggested to take necessary steps.

Airport spokesperson says that ‘we have talked to the airlines. The timings of the night flights are being changed. Efforts are being made that the passengers do not face any problem. Runway related works are also necessary.

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