New petition for declaring God’s ownership on Gyanvapi and building a grand temple, hearing on February 20

Another petition has been filed regarding the Gyanvapi Masjid adjacent to the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. In this new petition, a demand has been made to declare the ownership of God on the land of Gyanvapi and to build a grand temple. At present, the court has given the date of February 20 for hearing in the case. Before this, about a dozen petitions have been filed by different people regarding Gyanvapi. Continuous hearing on these is also going on. Apart from this, the matter has also reached the High Court and the Supreme Court.

A new petition related to Gyanvapi was heard on Wednesday in the court of Varanasi’s Civil Judge Senior Division Fast Track Court Mahendra Kumar Pandey. This petition has been filed by advocates Anushka Tiwari and Indu Tiwari, residents of Badi Piyari, on behalf of Jyotirlinga Adi Vishweshwar.

A demand has been made to declare Arazi as God’s ownership on Gyanvapi, to cooperate with the central and state governments in the construction of a grand temple, and to remove the barricades on Gyanvapi since 1993.

Evidence related to the demand for permission to worship in Gyanvapi is not personal

Earlier, on Tuesday, a hearing was held in the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Fast Track Court Mahendranath Pandey on the application of worship and enjoyment of deities in Gyanvapi campus on scientific grounds. During this, the plaintiff side replied to the objection filed by Anjuman Intejamia Masjid.

The plaintiff has said that the evidence and documents attached with the application are not personal but public. The defendant may examine the evidence himself. Therefore his application should be rejected.

On this reply, time was sought from the Anjuman to file a counter-objection. The court fixed February 14 for the next hearing. Advocates Manbahadur Singh and Anupam Dwivedi have filed this suit related to the demand for worship in Gyanvapi on behalf of Jharkhand’s environmentalist Prabhunarayan.

There has been a demand that permission should be given to worship, see and worship the visible and invisible deities in Gyanvapi. Along with this, there has also been a demand to stop the entry of non-Hindus in the campus and to restore the cultural heritage.

The plaintiff has prayed for relief on the basis of faith as well as scientific method. On the previous date, an objection was filed on behalf of the Muslim side that a copy of the evidence shown along with the application filed by the plaintiff has not been made available. Along with this, a request was made to provide evidence.

Debate on the application to become a party in the Chadarposhi case

Along with this, a hearing was held on Tuesday in the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division) Fast Track Court Mahendra Kumar Pandey in the Urs and Chadarposhi case. The advocates debated the applications received for making them parties to the suit. Taking forward the hearing, the court has fixed January 25.

Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari of Lohta, Anisur Rahman of Kachibagh and three others have filed a suit and have made the state government, Anjuman Intezamia Masajid, DM and Police Commissioner as parties and demanded to stop them from entering the Gyanvapi campus.

It has also said that three visible and other invisible tombs in the premises should not be deprived of the right to offer chadar, recite Fatiha and organize Urs. The opposition should be directed to provide legal help to the plaintiff by reciting Fatiha, offering chadar and other religious events. Commission action has also been demanded in the matter.

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