New law will come soon for business housewives in UP, Yogi government is preparing to provide great facilities; Know details

Whether it is running a beauty parlour, installing a photocopy machine, making papad-badi or any other small-scale industrial work, all such small businesses in UP can now be easily operated from homes. The Yogi government is going to make such a law that there will be no hindrance in conducting such micro industrial activities in residential areas. Soon an act will be made. It will be given legal status after getting the bill related to it passed by both the Houses of the Legislature.

The Yogi government’s aim behind bringing the new law is to promote small scale industries in the state and further strengthen women’s participation in them. The MSME department is preparing the draft of this act. The MSME Department has told the Energy Department that the tariff for these micro industrial activities should be taken at the domestic rate only. Such arrangements are being made so that the Energy Department is not harmed.

This will benefit from the new law

The MSME department says that such a system is already in force in many states including Delhi and Kerala. With the enactment of this law, people, especially women, can become self-sufficient by running jobs sitting at home. At present, they have to go far away from the residential area and do business by taking land on rent for such activities. At present, the rate of participation of women in the workforce working in the state, especially in urban areas, is less than the national average.

In-principle consent received from other departments

The MSME department has got in-principle consent regarding this proposed act from the meeting with other departments. According to highly placed sources of the government, the government is very serious about this act, but all aspects related to it are being seriously considered. It is believed that the related bill can be passed in the monsoon session of the Legislature. Lakhs of women will benefit from this and they will be able to become financially independent.

The minimum width of the road will be fixed

The Urban Development Department has opined that separate category-wise numbers are allotted for residential, commercial and mixed areas on the basis of separate house tax. The new system will cause hindrance in number allocation. The MSME department said that this proposal is only for residential areas. To solve the problem of vehicle parking, it has been decided that the minimum width of the road for such activities will be recorded in the proposed Act.

doing business will be easy

MSME department is making draft, objections and apprehensions will be resolved
It will be given legal status after passing it from both the Houses of the Legislature.
Now women will be able to do business easily in the residential areas of the cities.
Any dispute will be resolved by a committee headed by the DM.

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