Muslims cannot take revenge, SP MP Burke’s provocative statement on train beating case goes viral

Samajwadi Party MP from Sambhal Dr. Shafiqur Rahman Burke has once again given a controversial statement. Regarding the thrashing of a businessman in the Padmavat Express, he said that this is a challenge to the Muslims. Can’t Muslims take revenge? This video of Burke’s statement is becoming increasingly viral. In the viral video, the MP is saying that people are mercilessly thrashing a bearded man in the train. Its video is also viral. This beating is a challenge for the entire Muslim community. Provoking the Muslims in a way, he said that now the Muslim community does not have the courage to take revenge for this.

He has demanded from the Prime Minister that the people who are doing non-human treatment in this manner are doing excesses with the Muslims. In another video, the MP said that religious people want to project religious matters as politics. This work should be done apart from religion, this is my opinion. The life of religious profession is different and the political life is different. It is not right to provoke things.

Accusations on BJP

MP Shafiqur Rahman Burke also made several allegations against the BJP government. He said that the BJP government is treating the Muslim community inhumanely. Also questioned PM Modi that PM Modi should tell how the Muslim community should live in the country.

What is the whole matter of beating

On Friday, a video of a fight with a Muslim youth in the Padmavat Express surfaced. The incident took place while traveling from Delhi to Moradabad in the train. The victim had lodged a police complaint against unknown youths. Some youths were also taken into custody.

It was alleged that religious slogans were also raised during the beating of the youth. However, later the police officials called it a case of molestation. Said that the young man was beaten up for molestation.

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