Muslim Personal Law Board deviated from its purpose, said Maulana Shahabuddin of All India Muslim Jamaat

Maulana Shahabuddin Razvi Barelvi, National President of All India Muslim Jamaat, an organization associated with Dargah Ala Hazrat, said in a statement released on Monday that the All India Muslim Personal Law Board has deviated from its purpose. He said that the Board has gone far away from the purpose for which the Ulama had constituted the Board.

Maulana Shahabuddin said that the purpose of the board was to guide the Muslims in Shari’a and religious matters, but now the board is only interested in political matters. This is what happened in the board meeting held in Lucknow, political issues like Uniform Civil Code and Love Jihad were discussed in the meeting, but the issue of progress of Muslims and their basic things like education, trade and training was not discussed. That’s why it has to be said that the board has deviated from its purpose.

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