Mother of five children became bride after son’s marriage

It is said that love is blind. Love can happen from anywhere. Love never sees age, religion and caste. Once the heart falls on anyone, it becomes his. In this episode of love-affair, such a case has come to the fore, hearing which people are not able to believe. A married woman fell in love with a young man so much after 24 years that she left her first husband and got married in a temple with her lover. The young man filled vermilion in the demand of a woman older than him. People were surprised when it came to know that the woman already had five children. Out of five children, the woman of one child has also married. This marriage remains a topic of discussion in the area.

The case pertains to Mohammadi area of ​​Lakhimpur Kheri district. A woman living here was married in Muda Bajaria village. He has five children. The woman is also married to one of the five children. After the son’s marriage, the woman met a 24-year-old youth. When the meeting of both of them turned into love, no one even got a clue of it. Both started loving each other very much. The woman also started meeting the young man secretly.

The woman who had fallen in love with a boy younger than her had made up her mind to live with her lover. The woman and her lover made up their mind to marry each other and one day both reached the temple. In the temple, the woman eloped with her younger lover. The news of their marriage spread like fire in the village. The woman and her lover have now sought police protection. The woman has said in the complaint letter given to the police that caste-community people are threatening to kill her.

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