More than 72 thousand crores will be invested in Greater Noida, MoU final before Investors Summit

Greater Noida has become the most preferred investment destination for investors seeking to set up their industries in Uttar Pradesh. A month before the UP Global Investors Summit (till January 10), Greater Noida has finalized MoUs worth more than 72 thousand crores.

Highest investment in builder and industrial category

Maximum 40 MoUs were signed in builder category. Due to this, the authority raised investment of more than 26 thousand crores. Whereas, 23 MoUs worth more than 22 thousand crores were signed in the industrial category. 17 MoUs worth more than 9 thousand crores were signed in commercial category and 7 MoUs worth more than 10 thousand crores were done in IT/ITES. Apart from this, MoUs worth about 4 thousand crores have been signed in other categories as well. Various companies have shown interest in investing in logistics and other sectors here.

Zinaida moves towards the target with better strategy

Each department (land use) of the Greater Noida Industrial Development Authority was encouraged to register investment intent on the Nivesh Sarathi portal. Not only this, existing investors who have applied for new map approval and increase in FAR were contacted and encouraged to register their intent to invest. Each department was trained to facilitate and help potential investors in filing the Intent with the Authority. Weekly targets were given to all departments and progress was reviewed on a bi-weekly basis.

Investors made brand ambassadors of the department

In a meeting with key investors of Greater Noida at the Authority on 5th January, CEO Ritu Maheshwari requested these investors to become brand ambassadors of Greater Noida. Some investors requested procedures to be simplified, streamlined and fast-tracked to complete building construction. Time extension penalty and relaxation of terms and conditions were sought to ensure completion of the project within the stipulated time frame. The CEO said that serious investors should participate in the auction and develop the land parcels for the overall development of the area and employment generation. A collective demand was made at the meeting to increase security measures (such as increasing police posts) in industrial areas.

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