Money was not received for midday meal, angry students locked the school staff including the principal in the room

Due to non-receipt of mid-day meal scheme funds in Durjanpur Composite School of Bairiya education area of ​​Ballia district, angry students locked all the teachers including the in-charge headmaster of the school in a room and took them hostage. Its video is also going viral on social media. A departmental inquiry has been initiated after the video went viral. An official of the Basic Education Department gave this information on Saturday.

Bairia’s Block Education Officer Pankaj Mishra said on Saturday that a video of Durjanpur Composite School surfaced on social media on Friday in which all the teachers including the headmaster in-charge of the school have been taken hostage by the students by locking them in a room of the school. The students later all left. He said that in the video a student can be heard saying that no student has received the mid-day meal money during the Covid period. The matter was complained to the headmaster several times, but no action was taken. For this reason, along with the headmaster, other teachers were taken hostage by locking them in a room of the school on Friday. In the video, the in-charge headmaster Jayaprakash Yadav can be heard saying that all the teachers have been locked up due to non-payment of money for the fourth phase of the children.

The Block Education Officer said that he came to know about the matter on Saturday and he himself is probing the matter. He said that the matter of non-transfer of funds to the account of Mid-Day Meal Scheme of the fourth phase of the Kovid period is serious and necessary action will be taken after investigation. Jaiprakash Yadav told on Saturday, first everyone was taken hostage by the students, then on persuasion the students opened the lock and let them go.

He told that he has not informed the police about this matter. Bairia Deputy District Magistrate (SDM) Atreya Mishra expressed ignorance about the incident and said that he would inquire about it from the Block Education Officer. Inspector-in-charge (SHO) of Revati police station Harendra Singh told that he has not been given any information from the school. The SHO said that the matter has definitely come to his notice through the media.

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