Minor girl gang-raped, pregnant, Asmat’s deal for Rs 15 lakh in Panchayat, then ..

In the heinous incident of gangrape of a minor girl, a deal of Asmat was done in the panchayat for Rs 15 lakh by putting pressure on the victim’s family. Instead of providing justice to the six-month-old pregnant girl, the people of the fraternity got the case in the Panchayat hushed up. At the same time, the police have geared up to get justice for the teenager and have refused to accept the compromise. The SSP has declared a reward of Rs 15-15 thousand on the accused.

In Sarurpur area, a relative’s brother committed a heinous incident of rape with a teenager. The whole matter came to light when the girl became pregnant. The girl’s father filed a case against two including the nephew. When the police got the girl medical, it was found that she is five months pregnant. During interrogation, it was revealed that the accused had some photos and videos of the victim, she was being blackmailed. In this case, a case of gangrape was registered against both the accused.

On the other hand, the people of the fraternity convened a panchayat and made an agreement and asked to give Rs 15 lakh to the victim’s family. The police have refused to accept the settlement in the case. SSP Rohit Singh Sajwan has declared a reward of Rs 15-15 thousand on both the accused Irfan and Sameer. The arrest of the accused has also been ordered. It was clearly said that the relatives should compromise in the court.

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