Mass suicide in Agra, husband-wife and daughter hanged themselves by writing emotional suicide notes; Told the reason for long unemployment

in Agra, UP mass suicide The matter has come to the fore. The dead bodies of husband-wife and daughter were found hanging from a noose in a house in Sector-10 of Awas Vikas Colony of Secunderabad police station area. In a suicide note found by the police on the spot, the reason for taking this extreme step has been told in a very emotional manner. It is reported that the head of the family was unemployed for a long time. Wife and daughter have given their consent in this decision of giving life collectively. Suicide note I have expressed While frightened by this whole incident, the younger son went to the lower floor of the house and told other family members that his parents and sister might have committed suicide.

On the information of the child, when the family members went to the first floor and saw, the bodies of all three were found hanging from the noose in the room. On information, the police took down the bodies of all three and sent them for postmortem. Sonu Sharma and his family lived on the first floor of the house where he took the extreme step in his room.

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Inspector Sikandra Anand Kumar Shahi told that the family of Sonu Sharma’s father and brother lives on the ground floor of the house. Sonu Sharma, his wife Geeta and daughter Srishti lived on the first floor. Sonu and his daughter did not come down on Wednesday morning, then went upstairs and saw the family members.

When I looked through the window, all three were hanging from the noose. Police reached the spot and the bodies of all three were taken down. Sonu’s father Transport There is body making work of trucks in the city. Sonu Sharma at this time Unemployed were. Inspector Sikandra told that the room is being searched. Efforts are being made to find out the reason for the suicide.

The child said – I will not go to the room…

It is being told that the whole family slept together in the same room. At around seven in the morning Sonu’s son Shyam came downstairs and started playing. When one of his acquaintances ordered some things from him, he refused to go to the house. He told that I will not go up, parents and sister are hanging. I am scared. After this people came to know about the incident.
Sonu’s brother-in-law Vijay Kashyap and others arrive at the house. Saw the bodies of all three were hanging from the noose. People informed the police. The police brought the dead bodies down from the noose.

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